Sunday, September 16, 2012

Prevent Bonking

Have you ever hit the wall? Ever bonked? If you did, it probably came right around the two hour mark. Do you know why? It's all about blood sugar. Your brain needs sugar to function, but it has no storage facilities. So all of the sugar that your brain needs must be delivered from your blood. This means, that for your body to be in proper operation, there must be a certain amount of sugar in the bloodstream at all times.
Most of the time, this is easy. (But not uncomplicated.) You eat, and your blood sugar increases. Insulin is released which opens up the cell walls of your fat and muscle cells, allowing for the intake of glucose and nutrients. Your body also has stores of glycogen (its molecule of choice for storing carbohydrate) to keep a constant supply of sugar in the blood. Your muscles contain 78% of the 1800 Calories. This is so that your muscles have a ready supply of fuel at all times. 18% of the glycogen is stored in the liver. This is where the glycogen comes from to regulate blood sugar. And 4% is in the blood. This is the stream that is needed to supply the blood.
When you exercise really hard, the glycogen stores in your muscles are reduced. When they are depleted is when you feel an immediate loss of energy and a desire to quit. You have just hit the wall.
You can prevent hitting the wall by eating carbohydrate before and during your exercise. Carbohydrates can be reduced in the muscles gradually over days of not eating enough. Thus, you should carbohydrate load daily, especially in the days before a big event. And while you are exercising, you should consume carbohydrate every two hours to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Get the Fit Abs

Many people might be wondering and dreaming to know the secret on how to get the fit abs. A lot of individuals are dreaming about owning and posing with flat and well defined abdominal muscles. It is undeniable though that abs is quite challenging to obtain. But one thing is for sure, it is not impossible to get one. With hard work, discipline and perseverance, you should be able to get that super cut look you have been aiming for.
Before familiarizing yourself with the proper way of getting toned, you also need to gain an understanding of the common misconceptions surrounding the matter. The following are some insights you may be able to learn from. Such can also help you achieve the abs you have been dreaming about. Here is a helpful guide.
• Familiarize yourself with anatomy.
With knowledge on the anatomy that involves the abdominal muscles, you become more able to work on how to get the fit abs. It is basically the "rectus abdominus" that is cut into right and left sections is the one responsible of bringing about the six pack look everybody is desires to own. The muscle group found in the human midsection though is more complicated. But being familiar with such matters can help you determine the right set of exercised to achieve a well toned midsection.
• Understand the benefits of a six pack.
A lot of people desire to have six packs because of the instant boost in confidence. The first and foremost reason why some individuals are willing to work hard for abs is the benefit it can bring about in their appearance. But you should know that the benefits of having six pack abs are more than just about the superficial look.
More than the benefit of looking absolutely gorgeous with abs, you can also have better posture and maintain body balance as well as avoid injury and back pain with abs. This is because the muscles in your abdomen are considered the core of the body. With a strengthened core, you can get much better support and the more you become more capable of performing everyday tasks.
• Get involved in a variety of exercises.
A lot of individuals may think that sit ups are enough to help them obtain a flat and ripped stomach. While this form of exercise is indeed beneficial, there is more you have to do in order to get a six pack. Instead, it is recommended that you get involved in several exercises and movements. Preferably, you need to maintain a routine that targets the abdominal muscles effectively so you can successfully train and sculpt it in the six pack look you long for. Crunches, strength training, reverse crunches, oblique exercises and doing routine repetitions are called for in this aim.
Your weight and body fat content are essential matters that help on how to get the fit abs. When you are fully committed to the cause, it is not impossible for you to successfully go through the challenge. You should remember one thing though this is an endeavor that requires time so you have to be extra patient until you have fully shaped your body into the desired look and that is with abs.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pursue a Career in Pediatrics

If going into pediatrics is something that you desire to do, you have made a great choice. You will have the opportunity to help and ease the fears of both children and parents alike. Although this is a great career to get into it, there are several things you must consider before you make your final decision.
First of all, and most importantly, you must have a special place in your heart for children. This may seem like a no-brainer, but let's face it. You will have to deal with them much of the time. Therefore, you can't get tired of them too easily. There are some people who shouldn't work with children, because they lack the proper compassion and patience. This isn't to say that if you love being around children, that you will never run into issues. What you must realize is that some of them tend to be talkative and fidgety. These aren't necessarily bad characteristics. However, it is just a reality.
So, if you aren't able to gracefully handle them and all of their characteristics, you might want to think about choosing another career. Now, don't overlook the word gracefully. Being able to deal with children isn't enough. You should also be able to maintain your smile and cheerful attitude. This isn't to say that you will never have a bad day or a day where you won't feel like being cheerful. However, you should work to have a pleasant attitude at least most of the time.
Pediatrics will also require you to deal with parents. Sometimes, dealing with parents can be stressful. That's because some parents tend to be overly protective of their children. Therefore, they may challenge just about anything you recommend or suggest. Then, there will be those who may blame you if a certain medication doesn't work out for their child. So, you must be able to handle the adults as well.
Lastly, you should also be able to handle stress, in general. Contrary to what some may believe, pediatrics involves more than just performing routine checkups and prescribing medicine. However, many doctors also have hospitalized patients that they must check on. So, this means that they also deal with children who may have life-threatening injuries, sicknesses or diseases. This can weigh heavily on any physician. So, if you aren't able to deal with stress, this isn't the field for you.
The aforementioned examples weren't given to discourage you. However, you should know the truth, before you make your final decision. You should never go into something without knowing all that is required or expected of you. So, although pediatrics is a great and noble field, you should make sure you are cut out for the job before you make a decision to pursue it.