Tuesday, December 4, 2012

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Monday, November 26, 2012

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Nutrition and Exercises For Healthy Bone Structure

Pregnancy is the time that many things will happen to a woman internally. Most women only think about what are the best food they should consume so that the child can gain all the necessary nutrients to grow properly. What many women do not think of is the condition and health status of their bone. During pregnancy, the baby in the womb relies on the mum's daily calcium intake to build the skeleton. If the supply of calcium is insufficient, it will automatically source for calcium from the mother's bones, causing the mum to lose bone density and mass. However, this can easily be prevented through proper diet and exercises.
Calcium is the building block for bones and the baby needs a constant supply of calcium to build their skeleton. As such, the continuous intake of calcium rich food is a necessity. Some of the common foods that are rich in calcium are milk, cheese, soy bean products, broccoli, kale, tofu and cereals. It is necessary to consume at least 3 servings of foods that are rich in calcium and even when you snack in between meals, try to choose snacks that are rich in calcium such as calcium rich biscuits. The calcium intake should spread throughout the day and not only to a particular time of the day. Always try to visit your doctor as he can determine if the amount of calcium you are taking is sufficient. If there is still a deficit, he will prescribe calcium supplements for you.
Pregnant women needs a minimum of 75g of protein intake daily and the intake of protein is extremely important as they provide a source of iron which plays an important role in transporting oxygen supply to the baby to ensure optimal growth in the womb. It is recommended to consume 3 servings of protein rich food daily. Foods that are rich in protein includes beef, chicken, fish, nuts and beans. A normal serving of chicken provides around 25g of protein while a normal serving of salmon provides around 22g of protein.
Vitamin D
Most people associate Vitamin D with the sun. They are not wrong there! We obtain most of our Vitamin D requirements from the sun and a negligible amount from the food we consume daily. Vitamin D is an important vitamin as it helps to maintain our muscle and bone density and strength. It also helps in efficient absorption of calcium from food which is important in keeping bones strong and healthy. Vitamin D helps to build up the baby's bones and a deficiency of Vitamin D could possibly lead to rickets, a form of bone deformity in the baby. You should always visit the doctor to perform a blood test to determine your Vitamin D levels in the body and if you are lacking in it, the doctor will prescribe Vitamin D supplements for you.
Foods that are rich in protein, vitamin D and calcium helps to build strong bones which are not only important in pregnant mums but also in normal people. Most of the foods are actually tasty and are what we consume on a daily basis. For lactose intolerant people, you can always obtain your daily calcium intake from soy products. Always aim to take more calcium and reduce the risk of osteoporosis when you grow older.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Benefits Of Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery has its benefits for both the surgeon as well as for the patient. The benefits are greatly improved in comparison to those found with the traditional laparoscopic operation or open types of procedures. The technology that led to the creation of the Da Vinci Robot makes it possible for many types of applications to be done in a minimally invasive fashion for everything from prostate operations to procedures performed for gynecological cancer.
Robotic surgery is ultimately a superior means of performing an operation for the surgeon who is at the table. This revolutionary type of surgery offers the doctor an increased level of precision, as well as more control and a wider range of motion of the micro-instruments that are used. Another benefit is the magnified 3D visualization, which is suitable for optimum viewing within the site that is being operated upon.
Many surgeons appreciate what robotic surgery has to offer them in terms of tremor filtration. When a robot is used when there is a patient on the operating table, the surgeon has enhanced access to and a better manipulation of the nerves, organs and tissues. This leads to better results and a more successful outcome.
Robotic surgery yields many advantages for the doctor but there are benefits for the patient as well. There is less pain and discomfort for the person, as well as a shorter hospital stay and a faster recuperation period. When a robot is used during a surgical procedure, the incisions made at the site are smaller, which makes a robotic procedure a safer one for the individual having it. Smaller inclusions result in reduced blood loss, a lesser risk of infection and a minimal amount of scarring.
In years past, the patient needed to donate his or her own blood before the operation took place, a process known as antilogous donation. Due to the fact that less blood is shed during robotic surgery, this is not required. This specialized and advanced form of surgery causes fewer traumas to the body and less psychological trauma to the patient. The person who was operated upon will be able to go back to his or her regular activities much faster than if the patient had opted for the more conventional operation method.
For the woman who needs to undergo a hysterectomy there is often anxiety surrounding the procedure, as well as feelings of emotional distress, trepidation and a strong sense of loss involving the removal of her uterus. When this patient has surgery that involves the use of a robot, the physical healing takes place faster, which makes it possible for her to focus more on her emotional healing. This makes the procedure not just a successful one but as positive an experience for the patient as it possibly can be.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

enefits Of Owning A Stair Lift

A stair lift is one of the most ideal investments for those who have limitations and disabilities and live in a home that requires going up and down a set of stairs. These lifts have become incredibly easy to use. They are very versatile in that they can do everything from turn corners to stop and start as and when you need them to. Even better, they have become far more affordable for every day users. If you struggle with pain and limitations because of the stairs in your home, consider the investment in these.
Freedom and Independence
The key benefit to a stair lift is the amount of freedom they can offer to an individual who is otherwise dependent on others to take care of him or her. If you struggle to go to bed at night or cannot get up the stairs to get a sweater when you are cold, this option can give you that freedom back. In short, you can be far more independent than you used to be. That is a good thing. Do you feel like taking a nap in the middle of the day? Do so. Did you forget something upstairs? You no longer have to ask someone to get it for you. Simply, it is the best way to give you back some of your mobility so you can see your quality of life improve.
Versatile Use
You can find these products for any type of stairs in a home. This includes upstairs and downstairs into basements. They can work around corners, too. Some are designed to work outdoors, which means you can get down your deck and into the yard if you want to do so. Moreover, you can choose the type that is right for your needs. Most will offer a chair of normal height that you can move onto from your mobility chair, wheelchair, or even just a standing position. Then, it can carry you to the top within a matter of moments. Once there, you can easily slide into an awaiting chair or stand up and walk to where you need to be.
Backup Help
You don't have to be confined to a wheelchair to find use in a lift. For example, perhaps stairs just make your knees hurt. After a long day at work, you do not want to trek up them. That is okay when you have this system built into place. It provides a simple way for you to get up and down. Moreover, if the power goes out, many come with backup battery packs.
With a stair lift, you can relax. You do get the mobility and freedom you need but you also get a reliable system that will work for years to come.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Prevent Bonking

Have you ever hit the wall? Ever bonked? If you did, it probably came right around the two hour mark. Do you know why? It's all about blood sugar. Your brain needs sugar to function, but it has no storage facilities. So all of the sugar that your brain needs must be delivered from your blood. This means, that for your body to be in proper operation, there must be a certain amount of sugar in the bloodstream at all times.
Most of the time, this is easy. (But not uncomplicated.) You eat, and your blood sugar increases. Insulin is released which opens up the cell walls of your fat and muscle cells, allowing for the intake of glucose and nutrients. Your body also has stores of glycogen (its molecule of choice for storing carbohydrate) to keep a constant supply of sugar in the blood. Your muscles contain 78% of the 1800 Calories. This is so that your muscles have a ready supply of fuel at all times. 18% of the glycogen is stored in the liver. This is where the glycogen comes from to regulate blood sugar. And 4% is in the blood. This is the stream that is needed to supply the blood.
When you exercise really hard, the glycogen stores in your muscles are reduced. When they are depleted is when you feel an immediate loss of energy and a desire to quit. You have just hit the wall.
You can prevent hitting the wall by eating carbohydrate before and during your exercise. Carbohydrates can be reduced in the muscles gradually over days of not eating enough. Thus, you should carbohydrate load daily, especially in the days before a big event. And while you are exercising, you should consume carbohydrate every two hours to keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Get the Fit Abs

Many people might be wondering and dreaming to know the secret on how to get the fit abs. A lot of individuals are dreaming about owning and posing with flat and well defined abdominal muscles. It is undeniable though that abs is quite challenging to obtain. But one thing is for sure, it is not impossible to get one. With hard work, discipline and perseverance, you should be able to get that super cut look you have been aiming for.
Before familiarizing yourself with the proper way of getting toned, you also need to gain an understanding of the common misconceptions surrounding the matter. The following are some insights you may be able to learn from. Such can also help you achieve the abs you have been dreaming about. Here is a helpful guide.
• Familiarize yourself with anatomy.
With knowledge on the anatomy that involves the abdominal muscles, you become more able to work on how to get the fit abs. It is basically the "rectus abdominus" that is cut into right and left sections is the one responsible of bringing about the six pack look everybody is desires to own. The muscle group found in the human midsection though is more complicated. But being familiar with such matters can help you determine the right set of exercised to achieve a well toned midsection.
• Understand the benefits of a six pack.
A lot of people desire to have six packs because of the instant boost in confidence. The first and foremost reason why some individuals are willing to work hard for abs is the benefit it can bring about in their appearance. But you should know that the benefits of having six pack abs are more than just about the superficial look.
More than the benefit of looking absolutely gorgeous with abs, you can also have better posture and maintain body balance as well as avoid injury and back pain with abs. This is because the muscles in your abdomen are considered the core of the body. With a strengthened core, you can get much better support and the more you become more capable of performing everyday tasks.
• Get involved in a variety of exercises.
A lot of individuals may think that sit ups are enough to help them obtain a flat and ripped stomach. While this form of exercise is indeed beneficial, there is more you have to do in order to get a six pack. Instead, it is recommended that you get involved in several exercises and movements. Preferably, you need to maintain a routine that targets the abdominal muscles effectively so you can successfully train and sculpt it in the six pack look you long for. Crunches, strength training, reverse crunches, oblique exercises and doing routine repetitions are called for in this aim.
Your weight and body fat content are essential matters that help on how to get the fit abs. When you are fully committed to the cause, it is not impossible for you to successfully go through the challenge. You should remember one thing though this is an endeavor that requires time so you have to be extra patient until you have fully shaped your body into the desired look and that is with abs.